Short FIlm

Dubbel D

During a fencing camp thirteen-year old Puck struggles to feel connected to her rapidly changing body. Puck knows who she is: a fighter. She's might proud she isn't "like other girls"; instead of worrying about her looks, she trains extensively to win from her male friends at her fencing school. She sees her body as strictly functional - and definitely not as a part of her identity. But when she is confronted by her changing body that starts to develop more and more traits associated with femininity, and on top of it all experiences her first period whilst at a fencing camp, she feels forced to re-evaluate the relationship she has to her body and peers. Double D is a nuanced coming of age film about gender performance, female physicality, and finding one's own identity and strength.

Written & Directed: by Fey Lehiane

Producers: Marrit Greidanus & Rosalien Hollestelle