The Boys Next Door


In the outskirts of Amsterdam, 565 Dutch youngsters and refugees live together in Startblok Riekerhaven, a social housing project that opened its doors in 2016. Dutch director Bobbie Fay Brandsen was part of the first group of residents to move in. In this short documentary, she examines what it is like to live together with people from all different backgrounds. Brandsen films the first six months in the project and introduces us to The Boys Next Door: Mootie from Syria, Meron from Eritrea and Salihou from Senegal. How do you live together if you do not know each other's language and culture? A film about integration, cultural differences, and idealism.

Director: Bobbie Fay Brandsen

Producers: Maaike Gronheid & Maxime Rozestraten

Netherlands Film Academy